Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday

I held a briefing at the SCA compound here in Kabul today and then me and Anders Rosén went out for dinner at a restaurant.

Thanks to all of you who have supported MFP and made it possible. You are all part of it and you should be proud of what we have accomplished.

I’m flying back to Sweden tomorrow, so this trip is coming to an end now. But it really has been a fantastic journey and adventure. And it feels really good to go back home knowing that we have done something good here for the girls in school and the people of Afghanistan.

Special thanks to Anders who made my stay in Afghanistan an unforgettable memory

Mazar -e Sharif, Afghanistan, Sunday

Today was a very good day.

We went to visit one of the local schools for girls here in Mazar. They are the reason to why I came here and I’m so happy to have the opportunity and the possibility to be here. Seeing all these girls really makes the whole effort worthwhile so many times.

School girls in Mazar -e Sharif. There are more pictures from the visit on the picture page..


Mazar -e Sharif, Afghanistan, Saturday

I made it to Mazar -e Sharif 🙂

Everything is good and I’m staying at SCA:s guesthouse here in Mazar, and I’m being very well taken care of.

It’s so nice to be here, and so nice to know that I made it all the way. I will sleep good tonight.

The plan for tomorrow is to see the work SCA is doing here. One of the things we’ll do is to visit a school, and I’m really looking forward to that.

Entering Mazar -e Sharif

Outside the blue mosque in Mazar -e Sharif.

Termez, Friday Sep 21, my dad’s birthday

I came to Termez yesterday, It’s just by the border and I can actually see Afghanistan from here.

I’ll stay here or a day or two more to get everything organized. I have to coordinate my stay in Afghanistan with SCA (Swedish Committee for Afghanistan) and I need to know who to meet when and where to go.

Today is also my dad’s birthday. I’ll go out and eat something tonight to celebrate his birthday.
This song is for him..

Wherever I go, and whatever happens, I know my dad is up there.
He’s watching me and I never have to be alone or afraid.
Someday, I will see him again, and we will fly together.


Samarkand, wednesday

So good to have a day off 🙂

I went looking for a new Ipad holder today, but I didn’t find one. So I’ve spent the evening with making a new one from a frying spatula :p

I’ve also have a 3G simcard now. I’m so thankful to the guy in the shop that helped me get it even though I wasn’t allowed to buy one.

I’m going out to eat something now and have a beer. It looks like everything is set for the ride tomorrow and if nothing happens I’ll be in Termez tomorrow night, wohoo 🙂

Samarkand, Uzbekistan, Tuesday

Yep, I’m in Samarkand.. I had to change my plans yesterday. All the border crossings around Tashkent were closed to Vehicles so I had to cross into Uzbekistan at Chinaz instead, about 60km SW of Tashkent.

It took a long time at the border and I arrived in Gulistan at 0130 where I finally got some sleep after the 14 hour ride. I only slept for four hours the night before, after the 17 hour ride from Kyzylorda..

I’m staying at a hotel in Samarkand until Thursday morning, when I will set sail for Termez by the Afghan border. I’ve just talked to a truck driver and he says that i can make it to Termez in one day, we’ll see what happens..

The internet connection here is bad but I’ll try to upload some more content here when I can. 3G is only available to people living in Uzbekistan, but hopefully there is a guy that might be able to get me a simcard anyway.

The really good thing is that it’s not raining and that I don’t have to freeze anymore. I’m a bit tierd but I still think life is awesome 🙂


Shymkent, Kazakhstan, Monday

I left Kyzylorda yesterday and the plan was to stop at Turkestan. The road was good and I thought I could continue without being too late here in Shymkent.

But the road got really bad after Turkestan and I did’t arrive until four o’clock in the morning :p

I’m leaving for Tashkent in Uzbekistan now and I really hope the border crossing won’t take too long. I need to check that the bike is ok and go to bed early tonight before setting of into the Uzbek countryside. It might be that I decide to stay in Tashkent an extra day, we’ll see..

Somewhere between Kyzylorda and Turkestan.


Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan, Friday

i came to Kyzylorda late yesterday. The road was in very bad shape and I had to ride the last part in the dark. I will stay here until Sunday morning to rest, eat, fix the bike and work on the website. I will make a gallery page and post some more pictures tomorrow. I think it would be good to have all the pictures and videos available in the same place.

I also have an interview with the Swedish Tv4 planned for tomorrow.

But until then, you are more than welcome to watch my latest video from my ride across Russia.



Ayteke Bi, Kazakhstan, Thursday

It’s morning in Ayteke Bi and I’m about to leave for Kyzlorda 350km away. The road is under construction so traffic is redirected all the time, but I hope I will make it in one day.

I’ve done long hours on the moped the last days but I will make a longer stop in Kyzlorda or maybe Turkestan to rest, service the bike and upload some content to the website.

Everything is good 🙂

Riding into the rainbow. Kazakhstan is a big country..

Kobda, Kazakhstan, Monday

I’m about 400km fromUralsk now, in a village called Kobda. I had some rain on the way and it was cold and windy, but what the heck..

Everything is good but all the shaking and vibrations are starting to have consequences. The welds are cracking and there is a lot of stress on the aluminum. The road from here to Aktobe, which is about 110km away, will be a pot hole track. I have reinforced the roof frame and put some extra rivets in.

I’ve been looking all day for someone with a welder. I was lucky to find a bunch of guys that were working on a new bridge here in Kobda and they helped me fix the cracked welds.

I really don’t want to have any breakdowns tommorrow. But I can’t do much else than keep smiling and hope for the best now 🙂

The bridge workers in Kobda.

Uralsk, Kazakhstan

I crossed the border to Kazakhstan today and I’m now at a hotel in Uralsk. The plan is to make it to Kobda tomorrow. The wind was stong today and it slowed me down a bit, but if it stays the same, it’ll be a tail wind so lets hope for that. I had a really good dinner tonight and it’s time to hit the bed again. Time here is +1 from Russia.

Uralsk, Kazakhstan..



It’s friday September 8 and I just had breakfast at the Ibis hotel in Samara. I’ts about 260km from here to Uralsk in Kazakhstan, 200km to the border.

Weather is cloudy today but no rain and it’s getting warmer so I don’t have to freeze anymore. I’ll will probably be complaining about the heat soon 😀

I have some work to do, downloading maps, video and photo editing and some other paperwork. Hope I can leave at lunchtime. Otherwise I’ll  take a look at the city and do some shopping in the afternoon and then stay until tomorrow.

Entering the Samarskaja Oblast (Samara Province)



Staying in Ulyanovsk

I’m staying in Ulyanovsk until tomorrow. I need a break to do some video uploading for the Swedish ”TV4” tv channel and make some adjustments to the bike.

It’s so nice to be here, the sun has been shining today and it’s actually warm outside. I hope I don’t have to do with any more rain now.

Here’s a video from ”the rainy days”.. 🙂
(Swedish speech)



Two hard days are over, I did 13 hours on the bike yesterday and another 15 today. I stayed at the Azimut hotel in Nizhniy Novgorod last night, but I came in late, did some work and slept for five hours before I left again.

I’m at the Europa Hotel in Ulyanosk now but I’m not sure of what to do tomorrow. My visa is valid until the 9th so I feel that I can stay here an extra day to do some work on the bike, update this webpage and let everything dry after the last days of raining.

I’ll decide tomorrow morning, they told me that the hotel might be full tomorrow so I might leave for Samara to spend an extra day there instead.

There was no rain today, a cold and foggy morning but then in the afternoon, the sun actually came out a bit 🙂

Time to lock the bike,get a shower and hit the bed now.

Sunshine cruisin’ in the afternoon today 🙂

Russian roads..

If you ask someone in Russia:
Daroga dobro, super Ferrari autobahn, niet problema, machina niet kaputtski adjin kilometri, da?
(Translated to english it will be something like; Can you drive on this road with anything else but a tank?)

And if the answer is ”Yes”, Then they are probably lying.. ;D

Well, 200km to Nizjnij Novgorod, wohoo..

(But it isn’t really that bad, as long as you’re happy (and have a big toolbox), everything will be just fine 😉


I checked in at the ”Sport Hotel” in Yaroslavl after 11 hour on the bike. I’ve got another 400km for tomorrow so it’s time to hit the bed right away.

My room at Hotel Sport in Yaroslavl

Riding in the dark, you don’t have to feel alone with a 3G phone on the handlebars 🙂

First day in Russia

I came to Sankt Petersburg in the morning, customs took some time as usual here but everything is just fine otherwise.

I’m staying at the Petrovskaya Hotel in Shlisselburg tonight, it’s just east of Petersburg. I bought a simcard with internet access, went to eat and I’ve been tuning the moped the rest of the day. The alarm is set to 0400 so it’s getting time to sleep now. I’m leaving early to push as many kilometers as possible tomorrow. The best thing would be if I can make it to Cherepovets tomorrow, but it’s almost 500km away so I don’t know if it’s possible.

My Russian visa only allows me to stay until September 9 so I’ll have to be in Kazakhstan by then and I think it’s better to push it a bit harder in the beginning and have the spare time for later.

The petrovskaya hotel in Shlisselburg.


On my way

I left Sweden yesterday with the cruise liner ”Princess Anastasia” from St Peter Line. We came to Tallinn in Estonia this morning and I have spent most of the day buying a internet simcard and cutting video. I made a video from when I was ”Pimping” my moped but I don’t know if I have time to post it because we’re just about to leave for Sankt Petersburg.

I’m really looking forward until tomorrow when it’s time to enter Russian soil.