MFP 2016 Blog

July 17 2016, Gustav, Ystad

Everything is good and MFP 2016 has launched.
There has been so much work with all the preparations and coordination. I came to Malmö from Halmstad at 0230 last night.
David is staying with the supportcar in Malmö until tuesday evening. The plan is that we will meet up in Bratislava, Slovakia on wednesday and continue to Tuzla. Eta Tuzla is jul 23 for us on the road and Pia will fly in on Sunday 24.
We will then meet the charities on monday.
Right now, I’m waiting for the ferry in Ystad that will take me to Świnoujście tonight.

MFP 16, Ystad


18July, Gustav, Legnica, Poland

I came to Gorzów Wielkopolski at around one o’clock last night.
Today’s ride went to Legnica in southern Poland, not very far from the Czech border. I wanted to stop along the way to take some drone footage but it was raining almost all the way. It cleared up a little just before I arrived and I’m hoping for better weather tomorrow.
It is possible to see the mountains on the horizon from here. I haven’t checked the terrain map for tomorrows trip but I’m not worried for the moped. It will take me across even if it will be slow.

19 July, Gustav, Czech Republic

It took 12 hours to ride from Legnica to Brno so I arrived late to The Point Restaurat & Hotel. Czechia is a wonderful country. The landscape is beautiful, the food is fantastic and everything is nice and tidy.

20 July, Gustav Slovakia

The ride from Brno to Bratislava went very smooth. The weather is better and it’s getting warmer. The roof is not only good when it’s raining, but also to shade from the sun. The temperature in Bratislava is over 30 degrees. I found a very nice place to stay about 20km south of Bratislava in a village called Rusovce.
David also came with the support car today after driving about 900km straight from Świnoujście.

21 July, Gustav & David, Keszthely Hungary

We had a very good drive from Rusovce to Keszthely, nice weather and good roads.
Keszthely is a beautiful little town by the Balaton lake.

 22 July,Gustav & David, Tuzla Bosnia

We went from Keszthely to Dakovo in Croatia today but then decided to continue to Tuzla.
Passing the border was a bit tricky but we managed to get through without any problems. The customs officer was very friendly.
It feels good to be in Tuzla now so that we have time to prepare for meeting the charities on Monday.
We will also start giving away the Teddy Bears tomorrow and put the pictures up on the teddy bear page.
Pia will also be here on Sunday and I’m really looking forward to meet her.

16-SavabridgeCrossing the bridge over the Sava river.

25 July, Jasna & Pia & Gustav, Tuzla

We have had some really busy days here in Tuzla, meeting the charities and giving away a lot of teddy bears. David flew back to Sweden yesterday and Pia came down late in the evening on the return flight from Skavsta.

Today was a very good day that started with a Tv interview with Jasna and Pia and continued with visits at both the Gymnastics Club and Koraci Nade to hand over all the things that we brought from Sweden. The money raised for Koraci Nade will be used to buy much needed equipment. Our policy is that we do not hand over any cash but since the things they want have to be ordered and are not possible to buy in shops, we made the agreement that they will present all documents from the orders and provide pictures when the equipment has been installed, and we will pay the invoices with the funds raised. We will then put this here on the website so that everyone can see where the money went.

We then had dinner together with the charities tonight. Gustav will start driving the car with the moped inside back to Sweden early tomorrow morning.

Pia will stay in Tuzla and continue to prepare for the future connections between the Bosnian and Swedish gymnastic organisations.

Today was a fantastic day!

16 Teddys

David distributing teddy bears in a village.


Jasna and Pia in TV.


Arriving with equipment to GCT


Meeting Jasmina at Koraci Nade.


Gustav, Jasna and Pia at the Tuzla Beer Factory.