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July 2016
Back to Bosnia, 20 years after the war.

We were only around twenty years old when we served during the war in Bosnia. A conflict that costed the lives of so many people.

It really is with mixed feelings that I look back on what we did and what we were part of. I served in Bosnia between 1994 and 1996. We were first deployed with UNPROFOR, But later changed are blue helmets to become a Nato force, IFOR. The Nato intervention in Bosnia was the beginning of series of Nato campaigns in the world. A new era of military solutions that I find hard to motivate.

It feels very good however to go back without guns this time. MFP is not the biggest organization but we can still make a big difference for the children that we reach. To look these children in their eyes, knowing that there lives will be a little bit better, makes it worth every effort. Peace!

Mopeds for peace is a nonprofit project that raises money for charity. In 2016 we ride to Tuzla in Bosnia to raise money for children.

The Children we left behind when our tour ended will Always stay in our memories.

Contact Information:


General questions and KN-charity
+46 76 282 60 50
+46 70 385 44 36

You can contribute to the charity by:

In Sweden:

Köp en nalle genom att sätta in 100kr eller mer på
Bankgiro 847-8620 eller Swisha till 1236 51 21 15. Märk betalningen med ditt namn.
Betalningsmottagare är Föreningen Veterancentrum.
Det kan ta ett par dagar innan ditt bidrag visas här, men var lugn, alla pengar kommer fram..
Vill du sponsra projektet eller har några andra idéer är du välkommen att kontakta oss.

International transactions:

Buy a teddy bear by making a donation of 10€ or more. Mark the transaction with your name and you will be on the list.
IBAN: SE7680000838169230509920
Stora Skarna

For countries that do not use IBAN:
Clearingnumber 83816
Account 923050992
We are truly happy for all contributions.

The Veterancentrum association is registered by the Swedish government with organization number; 802464-5957.


Here are some videos from the previous rides!
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MFP14, Ukraine

A night in the desert in Kazakhstan

There is Always room for more adventure, Flying in Afghanistan …


Funds raised until now: 24 160 Sek

MFP SWISH: 1236 51 21 15

Alla insamlade pengar går till välgörenheten. Inga pengar används för att finansiera resa eller liknande då alla kostnader betalas av respektive deltagare.

Köp MFP:s specialdesignade tygmärke genom att Swisha 120kr och märka betalningen “Tygmärke” så går 100kr direkt till Välgörenheten och märket kommer till dig med posten. Maila ditt namn och din adress så att vi vet var vi ska skicka märket.

16 Patch

Eller sätt in 100 kr eller mer enligt nedan så får du en egen nalle som kommer att delas ut efter vägen.

The following persons have contributed to the charity and now have a MFP Teddy bear that will be given to a child along the way to Tuzla. Go to the “Teddy Bear Page” and look for yours. Thank you for your support!
Mark your payment if you want a specific number and what charity to support, default is Koraci Nade.
Ex, “37 KN Sven Svensson”

KN=Koraci Nade
GCT=Gymnastics Club Tuzla

1. Ulla-Britt Sundberg 200 sek KN
2. Tussilago Fröding 100 sek KN
3. ISA Academy 500 sek KN
4. Evalotta Nordensäter 100 sek KN
5. Linn Brånstad 100 sek GCT
6. Fredrik Wallner 100 Sek GCT
7. Therese Tjeder Franzén 200 Sek KN
8. Gudrun Fröding 5000 sek KN
9. Magnus Fröding Kihlsten 5000 sek KN
10. Roland Strömbeck (TL3 BA05) 200 sek KN
11. Johanna Falk 400 Sek KN
12. Gunilla & Göran Grahn 1000+1000 sek GCT+KN
13 Andreas Lekare 200 sek GCT
14 Johanna Lindqvist 200 sek KN
15 Sara Snabb 500 sek KN
16 Elinoar Lindroth 200 sek KN
17 Kent Svahn 100 sek KN
18 Marcus Warneby 200 sek KN
19 Cheree Donobauer Karlsson 100 sek KN
20 Susanne Cavallius 200 sek KN
21 Isak Brånstad 300+300 sek KN+GCT
22 Filip Brånstad 300+300 sek KN+GCT
23 Albin Brånstad 300+300 sek KN+GCT
24 Andreas Brånstad 300+300 sek KN+GCT
25 Marie Darsenius Obert 500 sek GCT
26 Zara Melin 200 sek KN
27 Sofia Isoz 300+200 sek KN+GCT
28 Cecilia Swärdh 200 sek KN
29 Jimmie Bergqvist 500 sek KN
30 Malin Hermansson 300 sek KN
31 Kari Kainulainen 100 sek KN
32 Martin von Schoultz 100 sek KN
33 Kamilla Asp 100 sek KN
34 Heléne Amedée 100 sek KN
35 Tommy Andersson 200 sek KN
36 Henrik Skogersson 100 sek KN
37 Mikael Persson 100 sek KN
38 Björn Eggeblad 100 sek KN
39 Johan Nolén 100 sek KN
40 Patrik Strålin 200 sek KN
41 Inger Nolén 100 sek KN
42 Johannes Nordgren 100sek KN
43 Martin Lindahl 100 sek KN
44 Familjen Nordin 100+100 sek GCT+KN
45 Anna Backman 100 sek KN
46 Peter Pettersson 1000 sek KN

Other Sponsors:
Eva Cederlund 200 sek KN
Swedish Veterans (Patches) 860 sek KN
Patrik Svantesson (Veteran Patch) 100 sek KN

We have two different organizations to support in MFP 2016, Koraci Nade and Gymnastics Club Tuzla.

Jasmina Krivosija

Gustav and Koraci Nade Manager Jasmina Krivosija, Nov 2015.

Koraci Nade is a day center for handicapped children. It is a Non Government Organization that has helped children for twenty years.

They  do a wonderful job with helping children but they are dependent on donors to run their operation and the lack of funding makes it a struggle.

Hundreds of children are dependent on this organization. Without Koraci Nade, these children would suffer and be left without hope.

In 2016 we will ride to help Koraci Nade continue their important work and contribute as much as we can to the children of Tuzla.


The Gymnastics Club Tuzla (Gimnasticki klub Tuzla) provides gymnastics training for approximately 140 children on two locations in Tuzla. After the war ended in 1995 a group of enthusiastic former gymnasts and fans of the sport have been working hard to revive the sport of gymnastics in Tuzla and provide physical training to children of different ages. Today children of different nationalities and ethnicities train together. Assistant professor Almir Atikovic describes how parents of children currently in training fought on opposite sides during the war. Today their children are best friends and training partners.

Most of the clubs equipment is 40-50 years old and much of it is totally worn out. Our aim is to bring the club some much needed equipment. This will enable them to provide safe gymnastics training and help children to develop physically as well as socially.

In order to attain this goal Mopeds For Peace cooperates with the Swedish Gymnastics Federation of the eastern region
(Gymnastikförbundet Öst).

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