Blog 2014

Day 13 – sep 18 – Thursday

We are now at the ferry terminal in Gdansk, waiting to board for Nynäshamn, Sweden.

Yesterday was a very long day. The taxi ride took about 14 hours. We went in a Mercedes Vito mini bus. Both mopeds were crammed inside between the seats and my roof had to go on the roof rack of the car. No incidents however, and we had passed through customs at about 10am.

Happy about being back in Poland we sat off on our mopeds towards Gdansk, 730km away. At 03.30 in the morning we were too tired to continue so we set our phone to ring 2,5 hours later and basically just fell asleep on the side of the road. It was a very cold night in Poland.

We came to Gdansk at about 10 this morning. The boat will leave at 6pm. Sleeping

Pic: Eva is waking up on the side of the road after a well needed 2.5 hour sleep..

Day 11- Sep 16 – Tuesday

We were at the boarding house today and then went with the manager to a big shopping mall and bought a truck load full of things they needed. The children are very happy about knowing that people from so far away are helping them and care about them.

All the money we raised will do very good to them, and their lives will be easier now. The staff were also very happy and it was a pleasure to take them shopping.

Thank you all again for all the money you helped us raise. We will update with pictures later and the manager will also send pictures of the result of our efforts.

We are now waiting for a Taxi to take us to the Polish border and we are expected to be there early tomorrow morning. The plan was to ship the mopeds from Odessa to Sweden so that we could fly home. But we have had problems with customs and as it is now, we have to leave Ukraine together with the bikes.

Day 8 – Sep 13 – Saturday 10pm

We have arrived in Odessa after some long days on the road. We have really pushed it and are happy that everything has worked out well. We will visit the Boarding House on Monday and arrange a way to use the donations and buy what they need. We will actually go shopping with them and document exactly where the money goes. We are also trying to find a way to ship the mopeds back to Sweden. We hope that we can have them packed away somewhere on Tuesday so that we can fly back home. The rest of the Teddy Bears will be distributed here in Odessa and the pictures will be posted along the way. So keep watching the Teddy Page if your picture isn’t there yet. We actually roll a dice for each bear that we give away. Odessa Opera HouseArriving in Odessa at 10pm, Saturday. In front of the Odessa Opera House.

Day 5 – Sep 10 – Wednesday 6pm

09-enter-ukraine We are now in Ukraine and will start to give away the Teddy Bears, so keep an eye on the Teddy Bear Page.

Day 3 – Sep 8 – Monday

18 hours on the road ended at about 1am Tuesday in Suwalki, Poland. Border Passing by one of the most beautiful sites in Europe – a closed down border crossing…


Day 2 – September 7

We came to Tallinn at about ten and then spent four hours outside a gasstation, checking all equipment and making sure the mopeds are fine. It´s 7pm now and we heve made a short stop in Pärnu. The plan is to cross the border to Latvia tonight and stay at a hotel. Sunshine all day and everything is good 🙂 On the road


Day 1 – September 6

Boarding the ferry ”Tallink Romantika” that will take us to Estonia.