Charity 2014

2014 Charity – The Odessa Childrens Boarding House

In 2014 we raise money for the Odessa childrens boarding house. They have 160 disabled and mentally retarded children between ages 4 and 18. It is located in the southern part of Odessa and consists of several different buildings with some land where they can grove vegetables etc.

Gustav was there on June 12 to see the manager and prepare for our arrival in September.

Gustav and the boarding house staff. June 12, 2014

Staff is friendly and do their very best to take care of the children. The property is kept clean and has a beautiful garden full of flowers. But they do not have the operational funds needed and all costs have to be kept at a minimum.

Their primary need is new parts for the heating system. The one they have now is from the old Soviet time, it breaks down constantly and there are no spare parts manufactured anymore. They are now worried that the coming winter will be cold and that they can not keep the buildings warm.


100% of the money raised will go directly to the Boarding House. All other costs and expenses for the trip are payed by other sponsors or by Gustav and Eva.