First day in Russia

I came to Sankt Petersburg in the morning, customs took some time as usual here but everything is just fine otherwise.

I’m staying at the Petrovskaya Hotel in Shlisselburg tonight, it’s just east of Petersburg. I bought a simcard with internet access, went to eat and I’ve been tuning the moped the rest of the day. The alarm is set to 0400 so it’s getting time to sleep now. I’m leaving early to push as many kilometers as possible tomorrow. The best thing would be if I can make it to Cherepovets tomorrow, but it’s almost 500km away so I don’t know if it’s possible.

My Russian visa only allows me to stay until September 9 so I’ll have to be in Kazakhstan by then and I think it’s better to push it a bit harder in the beginning and have the spare time for later.

The petrovskaya hotel in Shlisselburg.