Samarkand, Uzbekistan, Tuesday

Yep, I’m in Samarkand.. I had to change my plans yesterday. All the border crossings around Tashkent were closed to Vehicles so I had to cross into Uzbekistan at Chinaz instead, about 60km SW of Tashkent.

It took a long time at the border and I arrived in Gulistan at 0130 where I finally got some sleep after the 14 hour ride. I only slept for four hours the night before, after the 17 hour ride from Kyzylorda..

I’m staying at a hotel in Samarkand until Thursday morning, when I will set sail for Termez by the Afghan border. I’ve just talked to a truck driver and he says that i can make it to Termez in one day, we’ll see what happens..

The internet connection here is bad but I’ll try to upload some more content here when I can. 3G is only available to people living in Uzbekistan, but hopefully there is a guy that might be able to get me a simcard anyway.

The really good thing is that it’s not raining and that I don’t have to freeze anymore. I’m a bit tierd but I still think life is awesome 🙂