Kobda, Kazakhstan, Monday

I’m about 400km fromUralsk now, in a village called Kobda. I had some rain on the way and it was cold and windy, but what the heck..

Everything is good but all the shaking and vibrations are starting to have consequences. The welds are cracking and there is a lot of stress on the aluminum. The road from here to Aktobe, which is about 110km away, will be a pot hole track. I have reinforced the roof frame and put some extra rivets in.

I’ve been looking all day for someone with a welder. I was lucky to find a bunch of guys that were working on a new bridge here in Kobda and they helped me fix the cracked welds.

I really don’t want to have any breakdowns tommorrow. But I can’t do much else than keep smiling and hope for the best now 🙂

The bridge workers in Kobda.


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