Uralsk, Kazakhstan

I crossed the border to Kazakhstan today and I’m now at a hotel in Uralsk. The plan is to make it to Kobda tomorrow. The wind was stong today and it slowed me down a bit, but if it stays the same, it’ll be a tail wind so lets hope for that. I had a really good dinner tonight and it’s time to hit the bed again. Time here is +1 from Russia.

Uralsk, Kazakhstan..



Uralsk, Kazakhstan — 2 kommentarer

  1. Hi Gustav, you are done! Confident! And most importantly, you are able to go through the whole route, I believe in you, =))) crossed the border Қazaқstana you’re done, this is your friend from Chuvashia! Well, when I helped you with spare parts (is for you to remember me) =) Go Go’s for me =) ha ….: D Google TRANSLATIO write otuda please =)))))

    • Of course I remember you, thank you so much for your help.
      I’m going to put the pictures I took in a video later and post it here on the page.
      Everything is good, say hello to the other guys from me 🙂