Two hard days are over, I did 13 hours on the bike yesterday and another 15 today. I stayed at the Azimut hotel in Nizhniy Novgorod last night, but I came in late, did some work and slept for five hours before I left again.

I’m at the Europa Hotel in Ulyanosk now but I’m not sure of what to do tomorrow. My visa is valid until the 9th so I feel that I can stay here an extra day to do some work on the bike, update this webpage and let everything dry after the last days of raining.

I’ll decide tomorrow morning, they told me that the hotel might be full tomorrow so I might leave for Samara to spend an extra day there instead.

There was no rain today, a cold and foggy morning but then in the afternoon, the sun actually came out a bit 🙂

Time to lock the bike,get a shower and hit the bed now.

Sunshine cruisin’ in the afternoon today 🙂