MFP 2018 Start

Mopeds For Peace 2018 Special Edition

Gymnastics Club Tuzla, Bosnia, – GCT 2.0

We are going back to GCT in Tuzla to follow up on MFP 2016.

Mopeds For Peace

mfpgustavMopeds for peace is a nonprofit project that raises money for charity.

You are welcome to come along and join the ride. The experience of taking part in a MFP ride is well worth every effort. You will see new things and places, meet new people and make new friends. But most rewarding is the feeling of that you have done something good for the children in our world.

The world is big, wars are raging and the need for help is overwhelming. MFP may look like a drop in the ocean, but for the children we reach, that drop will make a very big difference.
//Gustav Fröding
Founder of Mopeds For Peace


PiaThe support from MFP 2016 to GCT has developed into a extended cooperation between the Swedish and Bosnian gymnastics federations. The plan for MFP18 was to gather additional equipment and raise more funds to strengthen, continue the cooperation and to help develop the childrens gymnastic activities in Tuzla.

The participants 2018 have all served as peace keepers with the Swedish Army in Bosnia. Roland, Eric, Pia and Gustav.

Tuzla has a special place in our hearts since we served during the war and we have memories that we will carry for the rest of our lives. The video below is one of those memories that will always stay with us. It is filmed by Gustav Fröding in 1996, please see it.

War memories from Bosnia

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Gymnastics Club Tuzla


The Gymnastics Club Tuzla (Gimnasticki klub Tuzla) provides gymnastics training for approximately 140 children on two locations in Tuzla. After the war ended in 1995 a group of enthusiastic former gymnasts and fans of the sport have been working hard to revive the sport of gymnastics in Tuzla and provide physical training to children of different ages. Today children of different nationalities and ethnicities train together. Assistant professor Almir Atikovic describes how parents of children currently in training fought on opposite sides during the war. Today their children are best friends and training partners.


January 24
Meeting with the Bosnian ambassador to Sweden

21-28 January
Coach Zerin Emic from GCT visits Sweden and Järfällagymnasterna.

24 February-3 March
Gymnastics camp in Tuzla with a Swedish delegation

28-29 April
Packing and last transport preparations.

12 May
Transport departs Sweden for Tuzla


Funds raised until now: 4882 Sek

MFP SWISH: 1236 51 21 15

Alla insamlade pengar går till välgörenheten. Inga pengar används för att finansiera resor eller liknande då alla kostnader betalas av respektive deltagare. Ingen ersättning utgår till arrangörer eller andra deltagare i projektet.

Betalningsmottagare är Föreningen Veterancentrum.
Det kan ta ett par dagar innan ditt bidrag visas här, men var lugn, alla pengar kommer fram..
Vill du sponsra projektet eller har några andra idéer är du välkommen att kontakta oss.

The Veterancentrum association is registered by the Swedish government with organization number; 802464-5957.

Följande personer har bidragit till insamlingen till GCT.
The following persons have contributed to the Charity.

1. Mia Nikula 100sek
2. Carl Gustaf Wrangel 100sek
3. Fredrik Wallner 150sek
4. Petra Peterson 200sek
5. Agneta Von Essen Hedengren 500sek
6. C-G Taube 200sek
7. Anders Pettersson, FC1, TL, BA05 100sek
8. Malin Stenström 300sek
9. Charlotte Von Essen 100sek
10. Ingrid Björk 300sek
11. Elsa Hjelm 100sek
12. Karin Åkesson 20sek
13. Christer Norén, BA01 100sek
14. Fant von Haugwitz 500sek
15. Anna Lindgren Wahlgren 300sek
16. Pär Sundgren 112, BA01-03-12-99
17. Anna Backman 100sek
18. Malin Lager 400sek
19. Therése Karlsson 1000sek
20. Grupp 11b i Öjersjö GF 200sek


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